Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Three Men Make A Tiger

"Three men make a tiger" is translated Chinese proverb that is any case of a fallacy that occurs when someone believes in false information as long as enough people start to repeat and spread the lie.  With a vast amount of instances today’s day and age, it is getting far more threatening to the common person while constant false information is flowing right in front of them constantly.

The world we live in today has taken enormous leaps and bounds from where we were twenty or so years ago. You can easily tell how its effecting generations as the Millennials are in full swing with the technology boom. At the same time, Generation Y, and the Baby Boomers are almost clueless with what to do with these tiny touch screen devices. Through all of the various types of social media, communication is not only faster, but also more impersonal than ever before. On top of this, convenience is through the roof, though very personal at the same time. 
Technology is making conversations very impersonal, by this I am referring to the fact that when I text my friends, I am not talking to them – I am talking to my phone. Technological advances, especially in social media are making so called ‘friendships’ too personal. In about thirty seconds or less, I would be able to find someone’s birthday, all of their family members, close friends, school, hometown, et cetera, along with all of their friends’ information, without every meeting them personally.  Certain social media platforms are causing some big time issues, not only for myself, but for many Americans as well. 

One example of this would be global warming. In many cases this can be seen as something that is clearly a fact. In many cases, the oil companies with billions of dollars are the ones pushing out tons of marketing to make it seem that global warming is just extreme patterns of cyclical climates over the years. Many scientists have tried to bring it to light over social media platforms where many people younger people are trying to change the way they life their life.

Another short example of this fallacy is Santa Claus. If enough children talk to one another, and keep mentioning his existence over time, more children will start to believe in him. It is also quite interesting to see the change in childrens viewpoint once they find out Santa actually isnt real as they grow older and to see that news spread around the grade school.

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