Friday, May 19, 2017


De’Mornay Pierson-El

An issue that has been present in history for generations is racism, segregation and disrespect of other minority backgrounds. This is an issue because it often goes unnoticed by the people it does not apply to. It is also very hard to explain to someone else a struggle they never had to experience. This issue itself has evolved into “Black Lives Matter”. It has been up for debate the “All Lives Matter” gives respect to every race as a whole. However it still takes the shine away from Black Lives Matter, which is in itself disrespect. By changing the saying, it takes away the relevance and reasoning behind why separating “Black” lives from “All” lives has to happen. Or even “Blue” lives matter for police, when in fact it is the police killing blacks. Black Lives Matter is a saying basically used to remind the “All” lives how much pain, struggle, trial and tribulations my people have endured for decades before me. The audience is aimed for everyone. For blacks to care for other blacks, as well as whites to respect the blacks, and people to notice an issue and work to better it. The problem with that is the focus from other societies rather aim it at “All” lives and forget “Black” lives. Which adds injury to insult.
It is sad to say, but Black Lives Matter was easy to remember, recall and stick into memory because of how much it reoccurs. It is often evident in history, but history often repeats itself. Black Lives Matter Rallies are often set up in ways that give reasons for why it still is relevant. By bringing up deaths, murders and or killings (all up for debate) this touches the pathos because no one wants to hear their sister or brother was killed for walking down the street, or a small traffic stop. The delivery is often given in many speeches, to touch the soul of people, telling a story of struggle no one understands, gets the audience attentive and willing to get involved. Each year the rallies go up yearly, the invention of how to express the need for change has to get more and more creative. Therefore the killings, can come to a hault. Style is also a key factor because it determines the way people can get involved. If they feel they have something they can offer, joining the movement will bring more awareness.
I believe that Black Lives Matter is a good protest because just because it specifically states one race, it does not limit other races to also help promote this topic. Of course black lives matter to black people, but getting other races who may have disrespected or discriminated against us to follow is powerful. It is also a life changing experience because once upon a time blacks and whites could not be in the same vicinity. It is also touchy because being a black man in this society I can see and say we need help as a community. Not only to get better but advance and connect with other races. Logically working with people is much faster and brings a bigger message when people connect. Having the credibility and ability to work with other races shows the care is indeed given to “ALL” lives. Making sure that is understood and clear will leave room for less confusion. Being so isolated from other races, only sets us back to times in the future we are so desperately trying to get away from.

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