Friday, May 26, 2017

Blog Post #2
Marissa L. Jackson
To be a true “Rugged Individualist”, we strive to constantly improve ourselves as human beings. Trying to be unique seems like a universal term, most people try to stand out just enough while remaining in a crowd of their fellow peers. As young boys and girls we were taught to focus on our strengths and abilities while at the same time to work on our weak areas. Most are taught to be independent, responsible, and to think for ourselves and sometimes that isn’t always the case.
We have all, at one time or another, tried to be above average whether it had to do with grades, intimate relationships, possible sibling rivalry, and so on and so forth. The idea of being mainstream and average is out of the question. However, with our ever changing society and worldviews. The average mark is elevating inch by inch, so the strive to be greater and better is getting harder to achieve. Rugged individualism is the chase that never ends, we are always chasing our goals, whether it be for power, love, success, etc. Everyone’s goals are different and that difference is what makes us individual.
The idea of being so individualistic seems almost like loneliness and despair. The fallacy with being an individual, is that everyone needs someone, if not, a someone then a group of someones to have a fulfilling life with those that understand you. With the need for power comes the need for others. We measure our success based on the success of others. Making someone happy, seeing their smile can omit any sense of want to the feeling of need. The need to make others around you happy and successful. A group of individuals can be stronger than one person thinking they’re not enough, not unique enough or too unique.
This fallacy also adds emphasis to what we, as human beings, hide the most, our weaknesses. Rugged Individualism, like most college students try to stick with the “I’m fine” act, where they mislead others to think they’re ok during finals, tests, and what not. When, in reality, we are freaking out and having meltdowns about money, school, and work. The feeling of having everything seem fine and dandy can lead to an implosive outburst or breakdown. To uphold such an image of perfection has high expectations like trying to impress the cool kids while you’re going broke by spending too much money on clothes, technology, concert tickets, etc. Being a true Rugged Individualist requires others to be with you.

Blog Post 2 - Three Men Make a Tiger

Brodey Weber
Blog Post 2
Comm 250

“Three Men Make a Tiger” is a chinese idiom that “refers to the idea that if an unfounded premise or urban legend is mentioned and repeated by many individuals, the premise will be erroneously accepted as the truth.”1 It comes from a story that Pang Cong, a trusted advisor to the king, was sent on a mission. Knowing that many people were jealous of his position and that people liked to gossip he told the king a story. He asked the king if he would believe that there was tiger roaming the Capital City if someone told him so. The King answers of course not. Pang Cong asked “what if two people told you so?” The King said that he would surely be suspicious but still would not believe the two men. Pang Cong then asked “What if three men told you so?” The King paused, then told Pang Cong that he would believe it. Pang Cong then explained to him that though there was not a tiger the King would still believe it if enough people told him the lie. Pang Cong told the King to remember this while he was away when others would speak negatively about him. Once Pang Cong returned the King refused to see him because his reputation was still ruined contrary to the story he told the King.2
I chose this fallacy because with the rise of fake news I think it is extremely relevant. One example that came to mind when thinking about this, is the fact that millions of undocumented individuals voted illegally in the Presidential Election. Though the media and professors have asked time and time again for hard evidence showing that people have voted illegally, the White House have provided absolute nothing to support their claim. First Trump said this claim, then Spicer repeated it in a press briefing. After that they sent Stephen Miller on all the networks to continue to tell people that this was the case but continued to provide people with evidence. I have personally ran into people who genuinely believe this was the case for Trump losing the popular vote. Another example of this reminds me of something that happened my junior year of high school. One day my buddy came up to me telling me that his girlfriend broke up with him because he supposedly cheated on her the night before, even though we were working on an Econ project. She heard from a guy in her in chemistry class and he continued to tell others the same story, those that he told it to then shared it with their friends. Those friends continued going up to the girl and telling that they heard that she had been cheated on. For her it seemed like so many people were telling her that there was no way this could be false, however she didn’t realize that there was still only one source of this rumor. No one else knew if the guy cheated on her, they just all heard it from the same source.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tanner Townsend

Tanner Townsend
Blog Post #1
May 18, 2017
            The Black Lives Matter Movement is currently a very popular contemporary social movement. This international activist movement, which originated in the African-American community, campaigns against violence and systemic racism toward black people. Their start began in 2013, after the acquittal of G. Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin trial. The group gained national recognition when they took to the streets in protesting the deaths of Michael Brown (in Ferguson) and Eric Garner (in New York City) in 2014.
            Rhetorically, in this case the problem for these individuals would be the increasing violence and systemic racism toward black people recently. The group regularly holds protests due to the police killings of black people. As well as broader issues of racial profiling, police brutality, and racial inequality in the United States criminal justice system. This prompted the founders of the movement to speak on the issue, and coin the hashtag “#BlackLivesMatter” on twitter, this is the exigence Bitzer spoke of.
            The intended audience here are those who maybe aren’t aware of what has been going on, and to enhance the knowledge of those who may be more familiar. Those reading the tweets, or attending the protests. The students here at UNL who attended the rally here on campus would be a part of the rhetorical audience.  These individuals who can act as mediators of change in the issue.
            As for the constraints involved, our current President, Donald J. Trump, has repeatedly expressed hostility toward the group and their movement during his campaign. As well as his potential cuts of DACA and the Affordable Care Act which would both heavily impact the black community. Law enforcement officials have also critiqued the group, calling them a terrorist group and questioning the statistics they publicize. They have been accused of racism, sexism, and negative influences. These actions limit decisions and actions that could have potentially made by the group.

            The groups appeal to ethics comes from its three founders. Each woman being very established in their activism, and well educated on human rights. Their credibility in itself can be very persuasive. Pathos is emphasized throughout their entire campaign. The movement is to bring awareness to mistreatment, to a specific group of individuals. I believe that is how the movement is still functioning efficiently, because it generates such a strong emotional response. Logos works right along with that reasoning. It is logical to stand up against unfairness. It seems like the right thing to do for many of us who are actually effected by the reasons the movement even started. Each of these components works together to activate the processes of social change(s).

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Three Men Make A Tiger

"Three men make a tiger" is translated Chinese proverb that is any case of a fallacy that occurs when someone believes in false information as long as enough people start to repeat and spread the lie.  With a vast amount of instances today’s day and age, it is getting far more threatening to the common person while constant false information is flowing right in front of them constantly.

The world we live in today has taken enormous leaps and bounds from where we were twenty or so years ago. You can easily tell how its effecting generations as the Millennials are in full swing with the technology boom. At the same time, Generation Y, and the Baby Boomers are almost clueless with what to do with these tiny touch screen devices. Through all of the various types of social media, communication is not only faster, but also more impersonal than ever before. On top of this, convenience is through the roof, though very personal at the same time. 
Technology is making conversations very impersonal, by this I am referring to the fact that when I text my friends, I am not talking to them – I am talking to my phone. Technological advances, especially in social media are making so called ‘friendships’ too personal. In about thirty seconds or less, I would be able to find someone’s birthday, all of their family members, close friends, school, hometown, et cetera, along with all of their friends’ information, without every meeting them personally.  Certain social media platforms are causing some big time issues, not only for myself, but for many Americans as well. 

One example of this would be global warming. In many cases this can be seen as something that is clearly a fact. In many cases, the oil companies with billions of dollars are the ones pushing out tons of marketing to make it seem that global warming is just extreme patterns of cyclical climates over the years. Many scientists have tried to bring it to light over social media platforms where many people younger people are trying to change the way they life their life.

Another short example of this fallacy is Santa Claus. If enough children talk to one another, and keep mentioning his existence over time, more children will start to believe in him. It is also quite interesting to see the change in childrens viewpoint once they find out Santa actually isnt real as they grow older and to see that news spread around the grade school.

Feminism Movement- Blog Post #1

Marissa Jackson
Blog Post #1
Feminist Movement
Feminism isn't just about women suffrage or reproductive rights. It's about equality for both men and women. Feminist movement also tries to reform issues like the Mestic violence you go pay sexual-harassment and sexual violence this movement doesn't just focus on problems in America. If other countries that suffer from female genital formulation. As well as the so-called glass ceiling in America and other countries. These are examples on how the feminist movement isn't have to be just for women. It doesn't happen so often but men can and do experience sexual harassment, sexual violence and domestic violence. In a poll by the Washington Post approximately 23% of men consider themselves to be feminists or is 43% of women consider themselves to be feminists. Feminism isn't and shouldn't just be seen as a women's only issue.
The exigence with feminism is that it is usually seen as being beneficial for women and cruelty towards men. Feminists are also seen as being bruit lesbians that hate men in general. When in reality a feminist can be anyone- man or woman- gay or straight. A rhetoric audience could also be anyone- anyone that’s willing to listen to those like Emma Watson, Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, Madonna, and so many others. All of these women spread the Feminist word through song and influential speeches. Even famous men like Tom Hiddleston, Ryan Gosling, Mark Ruffalo believe in Feminism and working in the film industry, these men have witnessed what some of their female co-stars go through in order to (possibly) receive equal pay for their roles in movies and tv shows. Sometimes women in the movie industry have to do more nude or partially nude scenes three times more than their male co-stars.
One example of a constraint against Feminism is that growing up you never heard someone say, “Oh, girls will be girls.” Instead you heard, “ That’s not very lady-like” or “ young ladies don’t do that.” However, you always heard, “ Oh, boys will be boys,” or “ you throw like a girl.” Gender stereotypes help fuel the fire that is Feminism, because girls, boys, men, and women can throw a ball just as far as the other. Nowadays, middle school and high school girls are being blamed for being distractions for boys- by wearing what “used to” be considered casualwear. Whereas now, girls can’t wear leggings or yoga pants because boys can’t keep their hands to themselves, and the school system doesn’t want to educate them on sex and how no means no.
Speaking of no means no, the Women’s March on Washington wasn’t just a message for Donald Trump to go grab himself. It was a sign of unity for women and men all over the world. While doing this blog post, I visited the Women’s March website and their mission statement read:
“The rhetoric of the past election cycle has insulted, demonized, and threatened many of us - immigrants of all statuses, Muslims and those of diverse religious faiths, people who identify as LGBTQIA, Native people, Black and Brown people, people with disabilities, survivors of sexual assault - and our communities are hurting and scared. We are confronted with the question of how to move forward in the face of national and international concern and fear” (2017).

I thought this was truly ironic since I’m writing this blog post for a rhetoric based class and I’m a feminist- obviously. Doing the Women’s March in different cities and countries was an inventive way to show the unity and friendship among men and women from around the world. The arrangement of the Women’s March wasn’t like any march I’ve ever seen or heard of, the connection among feminists to march was made over social media and the word spread to walk the walk to Washington. The style of the Women’s March was pure, unadulterated strength. Having women like America Ferrera, Angela Davis, Ashley Judd, and Gloria Steinem speak at an event like this was truly memorable. I’ve seen Ashley Judd’s speech multiple times just because it spoke to the feministic fire within me. Feministic men like George Gresham, Michael Moore, Van Jones also appeared at the Women’s March on Washington to support those marching to the White House. The delivery of this message of unity and strength was performed downright historically as women years before them marched for women’s suffrage rights led by  Susan B. Anthony.

Logically, equal rights for men and women should’ve been established a long time ago instead of us still fighting for equal pay, reproductive rights, and sexual offenses like sexual harassment and sexual violence. Ethically, raping a man or woman shouldn’t even be thought of, but some people don’t know when no means no and when a line has been crossed. Unfortunately, these are still issues especially in today’s society, when some men or college boys don’t take responsibility for having a party with substances that could cause regret and mistakes. Some just blame the women or girls for not saying no while they’re unconscious or unable to talk while a hand is being held over their mouths and same goes for men who don’t have the strength to speak out. We are all human beings who deserve to be treated equally and respectfully and that’s why I’m a Feminist. I believe in the equal rights for men and women. When it comes to Feminism and equal rights for every gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and race will someday be fulfilled and an everyday part of life.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Aaron Williams
Blog 1
The social movement I’m going to focus on in my blog is the black lives matter. When some people think of black lives matter they associate them as a hate group who are anti white and dislike police officers. As a person who’s researched and followed some of the action presented by this group I beg to differ. One of the main goals this group is trying to accomplish is to shine light on our justice system to show the injustice that our legal system has put black African American through. This has become a major issue due to the recent police brutality cases.
Using the rhetorical situation black lives matter use exigence by addressing the problem that has happen over a short period of time. The killing of black by police officers has gotten outrageous and something needed to be done. The problem presented itself and black leaders became the voice to show society that something need to be done about innocent people getting killed and officers who has done the killing isn’t getting any punishment for their actions.
The audience black lives matter group is reaching out to are black African Americans, police officers, and whites Americans. Black people are the audience because we need to be more aware and inform of what’s going on and how to project yourself if you’re found in this situation. Police officers are the audience because they are the one’s who this group is focusing their movement around. White Americans is part of the audience because this social movement is shedding light on the on going racial tension that has never left this country and racial profiling that is still present in this time era.
The constraints are the violence that has accorded during the black live matter group protests against whites and police officers.
Black lives matter uses the five canons of rhetoric by coming up with positive ideal and plans to achieve their goals as a group within the community. Having different people to conduct different tasks so the group creditability will be strong when in the public eye. Having different personality within the group so it can relate to as many different people no matter their background. Making what they do memorable and outlasting.
Black lives matters establish ethos by using situated ethos. The leaders of this movement have already established strong respect within society and the commun