Friday, May 19, 2017

Dakota Pipe Line

Morgan Pommier

Social movements are very powerful. In a sense they spread messages as well as gather people together for one cause. The downside to these movements, is that they are constantly changing. Because of this, a sense of importance is evaluated as time goes on. Other new topics take the place of old ones, and due to this things are forgotten. However just because the spotlight is taken does not mean it endures less importance. It does not mean that the problem was fixed if it is less talked about either.
The Dakota Access Pipeline was a very important movement. Not only did it interrupt the flow and required money for reconstruction. It also worked to erase the cultural Native Americans have been stripped of their entire existence. Location is also a major factor, by adding the pipeline drinking water was destroyed as well as homes along the pipeline. Many people were being affected negativity than positively and they got involved to help make statements. The audience included more people because surrounding states heard about the issue and some people were asked to get involved. The protests served as a message, and a means of proving the seriousness of emotions. Police were heavily involved, and some were more forceful then others. This resulted in sickness, because the protesters were sprayed with water hoes, as well as corned and restrained. Was this ethical? Most answer no, however it did give more motivation and momentum for the protesters to continue. Having to relocate with no place to go, culture being stripped, and voices going unheard and unnoticed provoked a lot of people. Logically the next step is protesting, however its very dangerous as these participates discovered as weeks went on.

Getting people involved logically was easy because a lot of people can relate to the disruption of homes. Standing up for what is right is very ethical, and a good reason people continued to protest against the police brutality that went unnoticed. Emotions were felt from guilt, sorrow, empathy, and situational, because some people could relate. This is why the protest spread not just in Dakota, but further into the Midwest. It opened ears, and sparked conversation. By doing that the social movement led to change and delayed the construction of the pipeline. The pipeline will be remembered because of the message it spread and how fast it effected people. Protests were arranged in multiple states as well as spoken about by various speakers who helped advocate for the home owners behalves. The delivery was created in a peaceful protests, however was acted upon forcefully by “protectors” of this society. Being creative in how to get past the hurt, and maintain their goal created a sense of great invention to get their way. The style in which they carried on until they got their way was more than powerful, but obtainable through any obstacle.

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