Monday, May 1, 2017

Blog 4: Media Binge And Media Fast

Our last blog for this semester is about two interesting experience that called media binge and media fast. This was from Wednesday until Saturday last week. The topic made me think about how much media we are using in our daily life and how media surrounding us. At first, I didn’t think that this task will be hard to do, but when I started doing it, I then realized doing the task is not easy at all.
            Media binge was my thing to do due to my all time use of technology. I do have two phones, ipad, PlayStation, and a TV. That shows how media I use in my daily life. I first used my phone and checked all my media accounts like SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, and twitter. Then I used my ipad to watch some YouTube videos, a lot of them actually. Media binge seemed to be so much fun thing to do. After all, I decided to watch some movies in Netflix to make the time pass away quickly. Because that I’m used to use so much media and so much time in front of the screens, I didn’t feel anything in my eyes or my body. Overall, I think that I wasted so much time on things that are useless, and I might have been used that time in other things that useful for me. Finally, I think it was an interesting task to do to figure out how media can waste so much of our time and might affect our health.
            Media fast was completely different from the media binge; my first thought of this task is that going to be something hard to do. Because I use media a lot in my daily life, I thought it is hard to not use media at all. I can avoid using my computer and TV, but it is so difficult to avoid using my phone because where I go, my phone is always with me. What I have done is that I avoided every technology except my phone, but I reduced the use of it. That made me think how technology and media holding us so tightly and wouldn’t leave us alone. I have always wished that I spend like a week without any type of technology and be disconnected from everyone, but I found out that this thing is not an easy thing to do.

            In conclusion, media binge and media fast were two interesting tasks to try. I didn’t have difficulties in doing the media binge task due to my big use of media and technology in my daily life. The media fast task was something a little bit hard to do because we use media in our daily life for almost everything.

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