Friday, May 26, 2017

Blog Post #2
Marissa L. Jackson
To be a true “Rugged Individualist”, we strive to constantly improve ourselves as human beings. Trying to be unique seems like a universal term, most people try to stand out just enough while remaining in a crowd of their fellow peers. As young boys and girls we were taught to focus on our strengths and abilities while at the same time to work on our weak areas. Most are taught to be independent, responsible, and to think for ourselves and sometimes that isn’t always the case.
We have all, at one time or another, tried to be above average whether it had to do with grades, intimate relationships, possible sibling rivalry, and so on and so forth. The idea of being mainstream and average is out of the question. However, with our ever changing society and worldviews. The average mark is elevating inch by inch, so the strive to be greater and better is getting harder to achieve. Rugged individualism is the chase that never ends, we are always chasing our goals, whether it be for power, love, success, etc. Everyone’s goals are different and that difference is what makes us individual.
The idea of being so individualistic seems almost like loneliness and despair. The fallacy with being an individual, is that everyone needs someone, if not, a someone then a group of someones to have a fulfilling life with those that understand you. With the need for power comes the need for others. We measure our success based on the success of others. Making someone happy, seeing their smile can omit any sense of want to the feeling of need. The need to make others around you happy and successful. A group of individuals can be stronger than one person thinking they’re not enough, not unique enough or too unique.
This fallacy also adds emphasis to what we, as human beings, hide the most, our weaknesses. Rugged Individualism, like most college students try to stick with the “I’m fine” act, where they mislead others to think they’re ok during finals, tests, and what not. When, in reality, we are freaking out and having meltdowns about money, school, and work. The feeling of having everything seem fine and dandy can lead to an implosive outburst or breakdown. To uphold such an image of perfection has high expectations like trying to impress the cool kids while you’re going broke by spending too much money on clothes, technology, concert tickets, etc. Being a true Rugged Individualist requires others to be with you.

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