Friday, May 26, 2017

Rugged Individualism Fallacy

Every since we were little we were always taught to be independent. We are told to be individuals of high caliber and to do the best that you can be because you never want to rely on someone for your happiness; unfortunately, this is not true. "Rugged Individualism" was a term that was used very frequently by Herbert Hoover, the president of the United States in 1929-1933. He used this term widely when the great depression was endured. This term basically states that no individual should rely on the government for assistance and should be able to get things done on their own."All individuals, or nearly all individuals, can succeed on their own and the government help for people should be minimal." This is not true because individuals circumstances are very harsh especially in low income areas where the great depression wouldn't even matter.

Examples of this concept would be that we are aways told to learn how to do things on our own since we were young and something that illustrates this is maybe playing football. Your first time playing football your coaches in my experience make things tough for you and they are basically grooming you to be a better player and eventually a better man. I think this shows to be a great example in this context because it's showing you that everyone needs someone to make them better. It is proven that everyone needs help eventually whether that is financially, mentally, or physically. Maybe you want to be the individual that like to be different or maybe that person that strives to stand out. All in all you don't want to be that person or individual to be just like everyone else. 

Rugged Individualism gives individuals the mind set that i can't rely on y government or my community for help, so individual puts a disguise on as if everything is all good but all in all everything is not how it seems. This is not a great idea because no one can really be who they are especially the ones with pride issues and they really won't look for help and maybe financial needs may come into play and you never know what that person may do to get money. This isn't the best way to go about economic disasters. This may affect people in the wrong way because once their mind is program to do everything on thy own, they start to use this in their everyday life issues. Maybe on the job, maybe on the field, maybe in the classroom, etc. Everyone needs some one to conclude this flaw in progress.  

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