Monday, May 1, 2017

Extra credit

De’Mornay Pierson-El
         I participated in a study for extra credit. I did it of course because I wanted some extra points added to my grade, but this study stayed with me a little longer than expected. This was a study held that focused on where most of my reasoning for why I feel the way I do about things came about. We discussed my family, relationship with society and questions I would have not thought into depth before.
            It was only four of us in the group, but we all came with different backgrounds, and still had the same view on some situations. Dealing with politics and religious views was very touchy. It was only that way because you never know why or what brought someone to feel that way. Being in an open and honest place it was very comforting. Involving personal reasons showed how different each of us were, however we came to the same conclusion.       
            Family played an important key in my life. For this very reason I am the man I am today. However the choices I made, and the journey I chose was all made by me, they just paved the way. For that I can say I am very appreciative. My strength and skill comes from learning special techniques. My grandparents placed me at the right camps at the right time, to get me where I am today. Football players endure a lot of pain. All used just to entertain and be idolized, which is great. However I will face later troubles dealing with my body as I grow older.
Being a part of a fraternity was something I always wanted to do, because I respected the tradition and brotherhood the organization uplifted. Some people will never understand that, and for that I cannot judge them. Ignorance is a bliss, the only thing I can do is work to inform and attempt to understand someone else’s point of view. For many reasons I may not understand people do not get involved, for many more reasons, I chose to get myself involved.

The study group opened my eyes to the various views from people who take a different route. These different journeys all managed to get us all at that place at that time. It was needed, because I was able to not only explain my side of things, but see where three other females come from as they make choices in their lives. Next time you are absorbed in conversation make sure you are not just “hearing” what a person has to say. Instead make sure you are listening to understand where they are coming from. This makes for better communication when differences arise, as well as a better approach to dispute arguments.

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