Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Social Media Binge & Purge

I would be lying if I didn't say that social media plays a big part in my life. I may not be insta famous or verified on Twitter, but I take a pride in my accounts. For example, I like to post things on my snapchat story all the time to let people know what is going on in my life. But on Facebook and Instagram, I post less frequently with high quality things. 
When it came to the binge, I had very little trouble in the beginning. It was almost like normal, with some kind of screen constantly in front of me. But when I was hanging out with friends or not just sitting in my room it was harder. I felt like the screen itself was a over attached boyfriend that would not give me my space. It was just sitting there saying, “Play with me!” while I was like “I don’t really feel like it I just looked at you 10 seconds ago.” Also, I noticed that nobody ever commented or thought the amount of time I looked at my screen was weird, they were so focused on their own to notice my binge.
The purge on the other hand was genuinely hard after the binge. You never know how often the internet dictates our lives until I couldn’t use it. When I was hanging with friends and we didn’t want to talk anymore, they all went to their phones or computers, while I could not. I just stared at them and realized we were all sitting in an awkward silence that only I was aware of. Staying away from Netflix, YouTube, and my social media sites was especially painful when I had nothing to do. My boredom was so intense that I actually cleaned my room and went for a walk (imagine if I had this kind of time everyday).
Overall I learned that too much or too little of something is never too good. I think it is ignorant to assume we can cut out all of the internet from our lives, but moderation is key. I learned to look up from my screen for five minutes, while also how much the internet controls our every action.

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