Friday, May 19, 2017

Aaron Williams
Blog 1
The social movement I’m going to focus on in my blog is the black lives matter. When some people think of black lives matter they associate them as a hate group who are anti white and dislike police officers. As a person who’s researched and followed some of the action presented by this group I beg to differ. One of the main goals this group is trying to accomplish is to shine light on our justice system to show the injustice that our legal system has put black African American through. This has become a major issue due to the recent police brutality cases.
Using the rhetorical situation black lives matter use exigence by addressing the problem that has happen over a short period of time. The killing of black by police officers has gotten outrageous and something needed to be done. The problem presented itself and black leaders became the voice to show society that something need to be done about innocent people getting killed and officers who has done the killing isn’t getting any punishment for their actions.
The audience black lives matter group is reaching out to are black African Americans, police officers, and whites Americans. Black people are the audience because we need to be more aware and inform of what’s going on and how to project yourself if you’re found in this situation. Police officers are the audience because they are the one’s who this group is focusing their movement around. White Americans is part of the audience because this social movement is shedding light on the on going racial tension that has never left this country and racial profiling that is still present in this time era.
The constraints are the violence that has accorded during the black live matter group protests against whites and police officers.
Black lives matter uses the five canons of rhetoric by coming up with positive ideal and plans to achieve their goals as a group within the community. Having different people to conduct different tasks so the group creditability will be strong when in the public eye. Having different personality within the group so it can relate to as many different people no matter their background. Making what they do memorable and outlasting.
Black lives matters establish ethos by using situated ethos. The leaders of this movement have already established strong respect within society and the commun

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