Monday, May 1, 2017

Media Fast

Many of us like to believe that technology doesn’t run our lives and that we could live without it if we had to. Being deprived from technology for a near 24 hours opened my eyes to the role that technology plays in my life. Knowing that I was going to be spending the whole day without technology caused me to do a lot of pre-planning before the big day.

I started the fast as soon as I woke up and from this experience I discovered three important things. First was that I felt a sense of detachment from the world. Technology has become apart of my daily routine. My morning officially doesn’t start until I have an update on all my social media platforms, check the weather and respond to my emails.

The second realization was that the brain is noisy. On a regular day, I used social media as a “time out” or “catch up on life” time. During study sessions, I use social media check ups as an incentive (“If I get two pages written then I’ll let my self check my phone”). During the fast I was always curious of what my friends were up to on snap chat. What the latest instagram posts were. I guess we take for granted how easily we have access to events happening around the world. We live in a world now where information is at the edge of our fingertips. I often turn to my phone for quick research. If I don’t know what a word means I pull up Google and look it up.  If I can’t remember the name of a certain movie, I look it up. During the fast, I realized I don’t even own a dictionary or map, and how dependent I am on technology to provide all those things.

The third realization I had was that I was more bored, which caused me to find creative ways to distract myself. I went on longer walks, worked out, and cooked. I tried to find as many things as I could to distract my self. Spending time with friends was more meaningful too. I was more involved and present with them because I didn’t have a phone to distract my self from reality. My friends still had there phones so there were times they were on there phone and I just felt left out and out of the loop.

 When I think back on my media fast I realize that the fact that I had to make an elaborate plan in order to have a media-less day shows how much I rely on technology in my daily life.

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