Monday, May 1, 2017

Media Binge and Fast

Media Fast

So I started out this little side project with my Media Fast for two days (I didn't know how long we were supposed to fast or binge so I did two days of both) and it was by far one of the hardest things I've EVER done! For two days I limited my cell phone usage to only accept calls and texts that were of the utmost importance with little talking time and I stayed away from computers so that I wouldn't be tempted to get on Snap Chat, Facebook, Hulu, etc. No joke I was having anxiety, angry outbursts, and twitching like a crackhead deserted on an island without her crack. Anybody who knows me knows that the primary things I do online are reading manga and watching TV shows via Hulu or some other website. I'm online doing just that for four to five hours a day, most of the time without breaks. Don't get me wrong I find time to study but I'm tired all the time because I am usually watching/reading something from eleven 'til two or three AM. Synapsis: Not something I will try again anytime soon.!

Media Binge

Before this project started the part I thought that the part I would look forward to the most was the Media Binge days where I did nothing but surf the internet on Facebook, Hulu, Snap Chat, Kissanime, etc. but turns out this was the most annoying binge ever! To be honest a huge part of me thought that I would be able to do whatever I wanted so long as I was using the internet which means reading manga, watching TV shows on Netflix and Hulu, and shopping online. Turns out I really wasn't thinking about the news media aspect of it and got bored after about fifteen minutes of being on the internet with nothing to read or watch. I don't understand how people can be online all the time just looking at news, personal or political. The days I had to Media Binge made me feel bad for people who have the job of being professional hackers, reporters, journalists, etc. I'm glad it's over with so I can get back to real world fun and back to watching TV via the internet !!

What I Learned...

Overall, after my fasting and binging days, I think that it is critical that we do pay attention to what's going on online but only to a certain extent. People know a great deal about you because of what you offer to put online and although some of it can be helpful, being online all the time isn't good for your eyes, brain, and it makes it hard to connect to people that prefer verbal communication. Both extremes I learned have many benefits, but the most beneficial of all is to have a neutral ground where you can balance both. (I know that's a lot coming from a Hulu addict) This project also had me somewhat confused because when Jon told us originally that we had to do a media fast I thought that meant no technology that used a web address or server. Then when we met again for the time that I was going to do my media binge I got confused between his meanings. Were we supposed to binge anything we wanted on the internet in general or just the news? Just in case I binged the news and well........I already told you I felt about that. Anyway, that's it for my final blog post. Later!!!!  :)

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