Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Robert Rebuffatti
Rhetoric and Civic Life 
Section 001
1 March 2017

As a student here at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln I am occasionally engaged within Greek Life. An example of this is an annual philanthropy hosted by the Alpha Chi Omega. I consider this a high form of dissoi logoi. 
In this activity students and other outsiders flow into this sorority house. This house is often considered an agora, however, it is now an open agora, instead of private. It also engages in civil life. 
The proceeds from Rising the Roof go directly to the friendship home in Lincoln. This home acts as a sanctuary for battered women and children. Raising the Roof takes place at 8pm-12 am at the sorority house. It is $6 at the door for a ticket. By purchasing a ticket you get chicken, toast, canes sauce, and lemonade from Raising Canes. 
The environment of this philanthropy is very fun and upbeat. All the girls are in matching shirts, there’s music playing, and great company.

All in all Raising the Roof is an amazing event especially because of the cause it benefits. This is a complex way of engaging in civil life through dissoi logoi. 

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