Monday, May 1, 2017

Media Binge

De’Mornay Pierson-El
Media Binge

            Media binges are hard for me to do. I was able to cut off some social media, just not all. Being a football player it is a part of my job to engage with fans and people through social media. On Facebook, family members across this state tag me in pictures with children who had my number on in multiple occasions. The thing about social media, if you do not engage, it is a sign of disrespect, and ignorance with people who did nothing but admire you.
            I was able to cut off being on social media down a few hours. That was not hard to do. One thing I did try, was turning my notifications off on each app I had on my phone. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook were the main three I used daily. Friends, family, and frat members always send funny videos that are relatable to things in my life, and they want to make sure I watch them, so we could discuss later. While turning off the notifications helped me ignore the app, I still received text messages and phone calls to check it out anyway. So of course I had to do so. Without social media I often times feel out of the loop and can’t relate if I don’t watch the video.
            Omega Psi Phi Fraternity also has multiple events were participate in. Being a part of this frat, promoting and displaying what we do as a group is an essential key. We have young men in high school and middle school who performed in a step show. Not only displaying talent, but interest and leadership. It was a great event to be a part of, help lead and watch these young men grow. The event was something I could not miss. Using snapchat, I recorded the event as well as not worrying about the media binge.

            My twitter page is certified, as well as verified. This means that people around the world pay close attention to my page simply because of how authentic I as a person am. Being connected in different groups and organizations I am often times monitored, as well as looked at by scouts, and recruiters. Being that it is my last year, and season I have a lot of people trying to keep in touch. This was another reason why the binge was hard for me to continue. However laying down, and enjoying my time away from the world, I always turn my notifications off and the volume on my phone down.

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