Monday, May 1, 2017

Extra Credit

Rhetoric is all around us and can be used in many different ways. I am a Communications major and have taken many classes that specify in rhetoric. I have also taken a philosophy class that talks about rhetoric and using major and minor premises, also including many philosophers such as Plato. Other than in the classroom, the way that I have noticed how I use rhetoric is when either trying to persuade a studying roommate to go get food with me, or convince someone of my stance in a political argument. When I would do this before all of my rhetoric courses, I just thought I was using my persuasive skills to understand my position on something and eventually either get them to think or act the way I intended. After all the courses, I have learned that I was using various persuasive tools and rhetoric in order to influence whoever I was trying to appeal to. I also have experience in spotting rhetoric when it is shown around me. For example, many of the presidential ads and campaigns from the previous year that were popping up on Facebook or on tv, I noticed the ways in which each candidate was using rhetoric in order to persuade the audience into voting for them. The communications courses that I have taken over the past two years have really helped me grow and understand rhetoric much better. At the beginning of this school year, it was hard for me to remember exactly how to define rhetoric. But, I have been able to grow after this past year and past semester and am capable of using rhetoric in my almost every day life as well as it be useful to me in my academics. I can't wait to keep expanding my knowledge on the concept of rhetoric and see in what ways it will help me in the future.

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