Monday, May 1, 2017

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Morgan Pommier
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            Why School is a Setup for Failure

            The first reason would be, education is free. At least so they say. At the age of five, and sometimes even six, children are placed in an institution. Up until they are a senior in high school, children are required to engage, and participate in schooling activities. This is where the most time is taken as we grow into young adults. However school is a social construct that all people must get into, but some do not get out of.
            Peers are mean, if you don’t fit in you get made fun of, if you’re the popular kid you have a reputation to uphold. People are judgmental, and rude, high school is a hard experience in some cases. Teachers are there to help, but do they really? Teens get older, and they begin to act out. Instead of teachers getting involved trying to figure out what is going on at home, they kick them out of class and the student misses out on the class content. This would be the same “discipline” if a student gets suspended. The relationship between teachers, students and support creates a gap. Results of this are reasons why students do not pursue college.
            Money is also a very big factor. There are scholarships, and federal funds however depending on specific circumstances it may not be the same for each student. People get free rides, at the cost of maintaining a certain GPA, and even athletes who risk their bodies at the entertainment for the university. First generation, or exchange students can also get federal funds, as long as they pass each and every requirement. However universities’ are required to have a certain level of “diversity”. Because of this they seek out people who can fit the qualifications, however it’s “just the right amount”.

            Being on a predominately white campus as a black female who is not privileged in any other way is a struggle in itself. Not a first generation, my family went to school, so federal funds is out of the question. I am also not an athlete or apart of any group organization. My participation with this university is very personal. I have one specific goal and that is to obtain this degree in four years or less. Fighting for a grade, explaining my point of view as well as defending what I feel is fair is all I have done in the last three years of my education. When professors “are here to help”. After graduation, I will HOPEFULLY obtain a decent job with this degree. That will provide for my family and keep me financially afloat. To engage in the economy and give back for the “public good”. Or be harassed by the government and become the statistic society WANTS me to be. I refuse. After it is all said and done, I will end up, going to school to get a job, which will pay back the loans I had to get to get through school. All for a piece of paper with my name in pretty letters that will certify I can finish what I put my mind to.

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