Monday, May 1, 2017

Media Fast

            Cell phones and other forms of digital media are very integrated within our lives. This however is a very recent occurrence because seven years ago I did not have any forms of digital media with limited use of a desktop computer. For this blog post I went on a digital media fast to experience what I thought was very easy many years ago. As I have most recently found it is very difficult going without my phone for the day. I didn’t completely go without my phone, for I still had to take care of everyday business like accepting important phone calls and replying to texts that required an answer right away. Other than those two things I did not use my phone, throughout the day I did find myself pulling my phone out of my pocket. Upon realizing that I was on my digital media fast I promptly put my phone away. Not only was I fasting from my phone, but I was taking a break from all sources that had a screen including my television. My TV in my dorm room consumes so much of my time between Xbox, Netflix, and cable. With the time I did not spend on screen I spent more time studying. This time was very convenient because I have finals this week, so I was able to gain some important knowledge about the Sophists and the rhetorical strategies. Also in public spaces where it should be important to interact with others and hold a conversation I found that most people are consumed with themselves rather than branching out to talk to others. Any other time I would have not realized this because I too was consumed in my own bubble. Without this crutch of my smartphone I found that I was more willing to interact with people I did not know, this was probably just to pass the time. Often times if I showed up to a class or a meeting early I would immediately turn to my phone to pass the time because it made things less awkward rather than standing there. I found that without the escape I did not want to awkwardly stand there, but rather get out there and fill my time with something else. This media fast did a lot to show me a life without digital media, it was very tough because I am so used to my phone, but it was necessary in showing me that a smart phone or TV is not needed to survive although it may be very useful.

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