Monday, May 1, 2017

Media Binge and Fast

     For our last blog post we were asked to participate in a media binge and fast, going into the assignment I figured I would have no troubles. Using my phone all day should be a piece of cake right? However I found it a little more challenging than I originally expected. 
     On Wednesday I didn't have any problem using my technology, I took the time to study for my classes, write an essay for english class that was due on Friday, and catch up on my FaceBook that I never seem to check. By Thursday night I felt antsy though, I needed a break from screens. I had already finished all my homework and studied earlier in the day. I wanted to be outside and hanging out with my friends, but instead I made myself stay inside and watch Netflix. While I do love It's Always Sunny and my bed is comfy, I can only handle doing the same thing for so long. 
     But then Friday night came along, I took it as the opportunity to switch on over to the fast side of the assignment. I usually don't like being on my phone while I'm out with friends so this wasn't difficult for me at all. Saturday during the day I did catch myself going to check Instagram a few times, when I remembered I can't be doing that for the purpose of this assignment I got off the app with only a tinge of FOMO. Sunday I was with people for the majority of the day so I wasn't too worried about being on my phone except when I had aux, because I can't slack on tunes. When I was by myself I used the free time to read and draw, I hardly find myself wanting to check my phone.
     Overall the most difficult part of this assignment was actually being on technology all day, I felt lazy and unproductive when I was using it constantly. When I wasn't on it I wanted to use it some but not as often as I expected. I liked staying off of my phone more than being on it, but in our world it's close to impossible not to use technology. Balancing your usage is the best thing you can do. 

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