Monday, May 1, 2017

Media Fast and Media Binge

Last semester I was given the opportunity to experience a media fast, but it was over the holidays and that made it different. My past experience with the media fast was a lot easier to do than it was this time around because over the holidays I was distracted spending time with my family that I didn't even notice that I had a phone. It is so much different when you are busy versus when you are not. One thing that I learned from media fast that I didn't realize last semester is that being busy affects the amount of time that you are on social media. When I was surrounded by family I was busy socializing and having fun with them, but this time when I did the media fast I had school and work.

During a usual day in my life I have a decent amount of time to check my social media. When I wake up until I go to sleep; I have plenty of time to check all my social media accounts multiple times a day. The media fast was super challenging because I didn't have other things to distract me. I am so used to using technology for everything that it made me realize how much I depend on it. On the other hand, the media binge was glorious for me. I might sound like a cliche teenager, but I really enjoy technology and social media.

Social media is one of my favorite things because it makes me feel connected to the rest of society and even the world. There are so many different things you can learn, see, and experience with technology. The media binge was a normal day for me; wake up and scroll through my social media feeds, walk to class and scroll through again, waiting for class to start and scroll though, and so on and so forth. Whenever I have a little bit of free time I find myself scrolling through my phone because it takes no effort at all to press a few icons on a screen and then in seconds you can be connected to millions of people. I think technology is moving in a good direction and that social media is a good thing.

One thing important about the use of social media is that I don't feel disconnected when I am using technology to communicate with people. I know one conflict that people could bring up when dealing with technology is that someone could forget about talking to people face to face. In my opinion technology helps me communicate more, and a lo easier to people. I also talk to people in person; I am very social, but I am able to talk to people a lot more than I normally do because we don't have to be in the same place at the same time. I can text someone and have a conversation at anytime of the day I want, and they could see my message in seconds. Personally, I think that is pretty great. The media fast and binge showed me how much I use technology. It didn't make me feel discouraged about how much I depend on media, but it made my opinion of loving social media even stronger.

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