Monday, May 1, 2017

My Sorority Changed My Filter Bubble (extra credit)

Coming to college is full of panic, stereotypes, and missing the people you used to see every day. Before I came to UNL I knew that I wanted to be in a sorority. I wanted to make friendships that would last the rest of my life, and I was excited to experience college with over 100 new pals along the way. When someone hears the word "sorority" there are a number of different things people could be thinking through their head, and it is different for every person. I thought that a support system would help me stay focused and as relaxed as possible for an incoming freshman. I have lived in Lincoln all my life, so going to college in Lincoln didn't really change much of my life, but all the people I met in my sorority helped me succeed during my first year.

One thing that I think is important when going to college is to be confident in the things you do. Walking around campus for the first time is scary, finding your classes, and going to your first class. It is something everyone is going to experience and I think most college kids can say that it can be nerve-wracking. When I joined my sorority I was so nervous about school and I didn't even know where to start with questions. I had questions about the smallest things possible, and so many girls were eager to answer and helped me. A question I didn't ask was about how to gain confidence for college, because I didn't think it was very necessary.

When people think of confidence it could be feeling better about yourself, but my sorority showed me a new way to think of it, and now I think it is very necessary for college. It is tough knowing what your professor wants to read in your first paper, or if you get asked a question you think you might know the answer to, or you are asked your opinion and it might be different than everyone else.
Confidence in your ability to do things is a huge factor in doing well in school. I think that you really have to tell yourself that you will do amazing in school and that you did ace that test in order to do well.

A question you are probably thinking... How did your sorority change your filter bubble? The biggest thing that changed my filter bubble was how there were so many different perspectives on one thing. This can be seen on any topic, I am aware, but to hear the reasoning behind their thoughts on just one single thing was very eye-opening. Going into college I thought that good grades and studying was the only way to learn and succeed. My sorority changed my view on that. Of course good grades and studying matter in college, but so do the small memories, the laughter, the friendship, and every experience you encounter in college that can shape you into an adult.

I never thought that a group of women would change my perspective on my filter bubble going into college. They showed me that I can, and should be confident in anything I do, no matter what it is and it will help me succeed. I was shown that memories and new experiences matter just as much as studying and grades do. The wonderful women I get to see every day have made my filter bubble bigger and better, and I see college less as a chore and more as an adventure. I think it is important to do as much as you can, and to try expanding your filter bubble. It is a good thing. You don't know how you feel about something unless you try. 

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