Monday, May 1, 2017

media binge

Morgan Pommier
Media Binge  

            Social media has become the face of this society. As generations have evolved, they get more in tune with the internet. I believe this is mainly because you can express yourself behind a screen. However the dangers of social media can be extensive. However social media is also used as a pastime, a means of getting news and information. There are multiple apps that people interact with. Facebook, Tumblr, snapchat, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and even more. For three days, I was given the task to give every one of these up.
            It was indeed harder than I expected. Text messages usually kept me busy. But, when you have no one to talk to, that’s when the apps can help entertainment. I keep myself busy through the day with class, and work takes up about 15 hours of the day. However, when I am at home relaxing, I realize how much I used social media. I would always get on twitter to look down the timeline. Engage in sharing, and liking different videos and memes. I would look on Instagram at pictures because I loved how much connection I got around the world. I enjoyed Pinterest because it had very creative ideas. I used to fill my “nothing” time up. Now that I was not using these apps, I chose to sleep. I ended up being very refreshed for the next few days.
            The second day was a little easier. I came up with a plan, if I erased all the apps that I did not need to use, I would not be worried about them. I also had plenty of tests I needed to focus on, so I made sure I used my time wisely, for once. Plenty of papers got finished. At times when I was annoyed looking at books, I turned on movies and listened to music to speed the time by. However by the final day, I cannot lie and say I was not happy it was the last day. I was finally able to engage with people I do not normally see. I was also behind on a lot of news in the media about new music and movies, while I watched old ones.

            The binge was well needed I would like to say. I see how much I use social media. But for purposes that will keep my mind out of space. I got plenty rest, I got more studying done that I may not have, if I used the apps. Re- downloading the apps also took up more space on my phone I could have used for other things. However I can say I enjoy social media. It keeps me entertained while I am on the move, and cannot turn on a television. Only time social media gets hard is when I see things I do not want to see, or any form of bullying or disheartening things. Being engaged with the community however a very good way to keep in touch with current events is. 

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