Monday, May 1, 2017

Extra Credit: Pro's and Con's of Technology

Technology can be one of the most useful tools today as well as one of the biggest distractions today. As technology continues to evolve as the advantages and disadvantages also evolve, one important question remains; is technology more of a positive or negative energy in our everyday lives? Although there are many pros and cons to technology, a deeper look will help weigh the outcome.

Aside from helping distract us, technology is useful to everyone in multiple ways. Stronger relationships between family and friends can be grown through social media as well as helping people stay in touch. An infinite amount of information waits the Internet about anything you can possibly think of that can literally be accessed within seconds. With technology, more jobs opportunities have arisen while helping many businesses become more ethical. As well as helping business, technology has helped education reach new heights through educational software’s.

While being incredibly useful, technology also has many disadvantages as well. Because technology is so expensive, a social divide has made an even bigger gap as time progresses. This happens as a result of the upper class owning more technology and separating them from a lower class individual. Another great disadvantage is that technology has participated in increasing laziness throughout many people. Many simple tasks are made much easier through technology, which ends up letting people take technology for granted. As technology advances so quickly, it also becomes obsolete. There are new innovations everyday which makes the new become the old very quickly. This problem only adds to the cost and negativity when relating to technology.

Moderation is a very difficult concept for technology when most of the world today revolves around it. For example, this extra credit assignment would have been written by hand twenty years ago, where I now sit outside on my nice MacBook and type it out. Because there are so many pros and cons to technology, it is important to be extremely careful when using it.

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