Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Onions Belt media binge

Robert Rebuffatti
Rhetoric and Civic Life 
Section 001
1 March 2017

Media Binge
This media binge was an interesting exercise.
For starters, I have had my fair share of all nighters spent in the dark tunnels of youtube, and the deepest thread reddit could provide. At first I started on social media. This was just because I wanted to make sure I cleared all of my notifications so this would not distract me in the future. I wanted to be able to provided my full attention into on app and find the deepest conspiracy theories. 
Starting my binge at 9 PM I easily carried it on to midnight without any struggle. As I enjoy hearing what the commons provides for the answers you ask the black box. 
I have had a new interest recently regarding the formation of the pyramids, and other ancient architecture, in reference to the stars, more specifically, onions belt. A lot of these designs follow the pattern of these stars and this proved very interesting. 

As it rounded 4 AM I was wondering how I was still up with out the aid of stimulates. However, I proved to learn more about this secret architecture and the theory I now refer to as the creators code. 

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