Friday, May 19, 2017

Black Lives Matter

In the world we live in, the social aspect of our daily lives has increased tremendously. Social media and the other resources we have in our arsenal has created a networking bridge like no other. This relates to my social movement topic because it is a well-known topic in the United States and also globally because of the social era we live in today. The topic that I have chosen to use for this topic is, #BlackLivesMatter. #BlackLivesMatter is a social movement that "campaign against violence and systemic racism toward black people." (Sharp, 2016) In this blog I want my audience to open their eyes to these issues especially if they do not have any interest in this movement.Also I want the groups of followers who stand behind #BlackLivesMatter movement. In the text The Rhetorical Situation (Bitzer) "exigence are imperfection marked by urgency; it is a defect, an obstacle, something waiting to be done, a thing which is other than it should be." The modified version of exigence is rhetorical when it is capable of positive modification and when positive modification requires discourse or can be assisted by discourse. This stage relates to #BlackLivesMatter by having problems that connects the black community with the white community. It's a problem because individuals of the black community are tired of being treated poorly by the government and other whites in their communities. The audience is whoever the message is being viewed by. The audience for this social movement is the black community, the government, and also the white communities. Mainly the movement is the face of "Police Brutality". Lastly the constraints on my topic is that the government is ignoring the fact that our black communities are discriminated on and hated by individuals of the white skin color, mostly in police enforcement. 

The five canons of rhetoric are invention, arrangement, style, memory, delivery. These are very complex and abstract meanings of rhetoric. The invention it self I believe gets the most attention. BlackLivesMatter started the year of 2013, in remorse for the loss of Trayvon Martin. The individuals of the black community as had enough and decided to put their foot down and take a stand. Founders were Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi, all of them were women. They were not the first individuals who wanted to end this madness, Martin Luther King was one of the first African Americans to step up and start a movement that shocked the world. If Dr. King isn't responsible for acting with bravery and courage to this matter he can be credited. While doing it in with a ordering and and delivering style and stood up and led the black community which ultimately cost him his life. 

The logos that helps this social movement out is by trying to wake up our audience to the realization of the mistreatment of colored individuals. They do these acts by protesting, speaking `out, and holding public ceremonies. he ultimate goal is to convert the ones who are not interested in what the black communities go through and also to get those individuals who helps promote anti-black lives matter to be open hearted and understanding. 

The ethos side of the movement is very positive and very understandable. Ethos is clarified by action, deeds, understanding, and expertise. Our movement is continually growing and it is growing for a reason. The proof of police brutality and mistreated colors are very clear, which makes it more as a demand for individuals to step up in their perspective communities and lead there community with passion and dedication. It is kind of hard to ignore when the damage has hit home and people step the audience will follow the person with the most expertise and the most passion to their audience. 

Lastly pathos, "pathos is refers to the the emotional state of the audience, as produced by the speaker or speech." This actually means a lot to my movement because feelings of individuals who wants to be treated fairly and equally is the main goal. When you feel as if you'r not wanted in your own country it an create frustration within the culture. For example, the Rodney King trial was very emotional to most colored individuals, it touched and put a stamp on the hatred that police had against black individuals. Also the Trayvon Martin trial and the Alton Sterling trial where these police officers are recorded killing innocent black men. This make it emotional for any audience not just the black culture but every culture. It makes things worse when we see that the police officers that were involved with these murders; they are somehow getting off the hook with a get out of jail free card. This has to stop and the social movement will keep growing until the government changes or does something for the people of black societies. 

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