Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Technology Today
There is a plethora of different modes of technology incorporated into our daily lives. However, the users of said technology have determined how the social platform is seen per individual. My social bubble is on of many different components, including many voices that are extremely opinionated. In fact, looking at a 24 hour span of my personal Facebook feed, there were 23 different politically based posts that demanded the attention of the viewer (myself).  Now, my networks “bubble” includes many different personas, however, those personas that have been appear over and over have discontinued my attention. In fact, posting too much about a particular opinion has made me unfollow people.
            I completely agree that in today’s world, the spread of extremist has increased more than ten fold. The polarized views of people in my direct contact have proven that, and it is more than likely to appear in many different social platforms. The only positive side to the polarization is that people are able to sink into their opinion and further their ideals more than any moderate would be able to. But, the total differences has made it extremely difficult for compromised to be reached, and for that reason alone, the polarization of people in one single country has made a huge negative effect on how social settings are used. Not to mention the world outside of technology.

            Certain actions that can make the legitimacy of any two sides arguing, is the actual awareness of other’s perspective in order to stray from any confrontational disputes including things like an ad hominem. Specific actions could include Trump or Bernie supporters placing themselves, mentally, in the other’s shoes in order to prevent any more pepper spraying incidents. 

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