Saturday, April 30, 2016

Media Moderation

First off, I would like to say that due to having a family member in my family passing away on Sunday I was actually unable to partake in the media bingeing and fasting. It was virtually impossible this week to have time to be glued to media or be unglued to media. However, I do have a great perspective in my life on media moderation.

                Media moderation, an intricate part in my life. I feel I am experienced in keeping media not necessarily an important part of my life but also a necessity on communication. I do have to admit I go on my own media binges all the time which consists of constantly watching Youtube while playing Xbox and checking Facebook for disc golf news. But on the other side, I do not let it consume my life all the time. I am good at balancing the school work I have and being a college athlete. I also have my girlfriend, whom I live with, so I am constantly focusing my extra time by spending it with her. I feel like media moderation is an important part in everyone’s life. Now obviously everyone has their own version of what they need in their life in a form of media and what they do not need. In today’s society people are constantly looking for information online, as we learned about earlier in the course about the scatter brain effect. This to me becomes a huge role of what the internet means and I catch myself all the time with this. If you simply look up something interesting to you on Wikipedia you will read about it, but then after that find some type of information on the Wiki page and be directed to that source of information. After 30 minutes and 6 more Wikipedia pages later, you found yourself questioning what you were originally searching for in the first place. So to me this is what the media is made to be about. Every single thing is made to grab your attention, and some people are good at ignoring this while other people struggle to stop. So like I said, in my life I feel I have a good balance of media in my everyday life. Media to me is important in a way of needing information for everyday use and getting everyday news and simply talking to friends and relatives. But media can be consuming due to the abundance of other useless information that is constantly pulling you in for your attention.

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