Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Filter Bubbles

  Filter bubbles today are something that many of us don’t think about. As soon as we saw the ted talk reminding us of these filter bubbles and how they pertain to us, I began to think about my personal accounts. Even though I don’t have Facebook or twitter, I run a wooden sunglass company through instagram in which all my advertising goes through and promo codes discounts etc. Along with my website instagram is by far my largest attribute to social media. Not only does my business generate through instagram but also my personal account and who I follow, who follows me and what I see on a daily basis. I feel that filter bubbles are more than just social media, its pretty much whatever interests you and what ever websites you use daily, how you look at your news etc.

One thing I have noticed that has a strong impact is the way instagram creates the “explorer” page to suite you needs. What it does it take the picture that you have liked or similar pictures and put them on that page as “what will interest you most” I think this is a very good feature because it attracts your eye to the things you look at most in addition to the adds that instgram shares to make its money. For me personally sometimes, I get into the adds and I like watching them because I am so into looking at certain pictures that interest me so I am on instagram much more which causes the adds to cross my eye while I’m scrolling down the instagram feed.

In addition I have a real estate account in which I advertise for my Mom and her real estate transactions in the Orange County California area. I started this a few months back to help her get her name out there. She is a well known agent in the area but whenever she has a new listing or there’s a property in escrow I put this on her instagram page notifying other agents, homeowners, sellers, and buyers that here what is new in the orange county area. It is also a free source of social media which every little bit counts and it only takes one sale to make it all worth it, or even a buyer.

Lastly, I run a vw bus accounts. Coming from California Vw buses are a hobby and a personal passion for me. This way I can share what I love to other people and show them what I have done with my personal Vw’s as well and see what they have done by them posting direct messages to me and I post there buses and tag them in the photo. It’s just something fun to do because when you are in this hobby its great to share and have other people care about the same thing.

These are my main filter bubbles and what I surround myself with. The reason why I don’t have Facebook is because back in junior high it really just started to become a bullshit fest where many would log on and post they’re sad and this drama and that drama and I just got over it. I wanted something that was easy to use and you look at pictures and don’t have to read much by looking at cool things so I deleted my Facebook and just stuck with instagram. It does generally the same thing as Facebook without drama and stuff that no one cares about.

Lastly, If there was something I could do something that could help social media I would have quotes and motivational stuff as adds or even that integrate into any account that way people can read stuff that they can think about, and that makes them better now just see and read stuff that doesn’t matter or drama or any of the trash that lingers around social media. I think there’s a true positive aspect of social media but I feel like many don’t use it for the right reason. And I think with a little bit of help it can easily be for the right reason.

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