Saturday, April 30, 2016

Media Binge and Purge

As a student who wants to end up with a career working with photography and videography, I generally spend a lot of time using media apps such as Instagram, Boomarang, and Tumblr. I spend a lot of time on my phone normally, and during the binge, it felt like almost normal but almost as though I was just procrastinating studying more. It was fun and I actually got pretty creative! I came up with some good shots on my Canon which I haven't been using in a while. Being on my phone posting and scrolling, it actually inspired creativity from the media that I was viewing. It was like that experiment we did in class where we all came up with multiple variations of a sentence. How one thing inspired another. I got to experience that more during the binge. Following this came the purge. It was hard to take seriously. I don't like to not answer texts, calls, and emails which was the hard part. But I turned into the kind of person who just doesn't answer their texts for hours at a time. The kind of thing people get irritated by. When I wasn't on my phone I found myself spending more time with my boyfriend and getting more work done at the library. I would take out my phone still, but definitely cut back on usage. Maybe if it were a better time, rather than during the end of the school year, I might have tried to really not touch my phone. I hope that if I make it to a study abroad program in Botswana where we aren't allowed to use our phones for the month, I will experience true purging of media and will hopefully give my mind a break.
-Marissa Smith

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