Saturday, April 30, 2016

The binge and the fast

The Binge and the Fast
            This past week has been quite interesting week for me. At the start of the week it was the binge. I’m normally pretty active on social media so this wasn't a big thing for me. I did use the media binge as an excuse to avoid my homework for a few days (good excuse, I know).  After about the second day of the media binge I was growing pretty tiresome of constantly rotating between the same three apps and nothing happening. Also was beginning to annoy my roommates or pretty much anyone I had contact with because I was either listening to music, checking twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snap chat and not listening to the conversation that I was suppose to be having. On the positive side of the binge, I was always in the loop of who was doing what or who was starting twitter argument. My parents were also pleased that I was responding to their text in a timely manner and not accidently missing all of their phone calls. By the third and final day of the binge I was definitely ready to start the fast.
            The first day of the fast was definitely one of my most productive days. I was able to stay off of my phone and completed the majority of my homework for the week. It also made me realize how many people that I pass on the way to my classes that I knew. I usually listen to music on my way to class but during the binge I kept my phone and my headphones in my backpack and tried my hardest not to use them throughout the day. A few of the downfalls of the binge were that by the time I got home at the end of the day my roommates were talking about Snap chats or Instagram posts that I had missed for the day.  I felt out of the loop and tried my hardest to keep up in conversations but realized that what people talk about at the end of the day is 60% of things they saw on social media. While the fast didn't really help my social life that much it definitely positively impacted my school life.

            Overall I realized that I do in fact spend a lot of my time on my phone. I realized that it’s important to be in touch with people but it’s also important to see and have conversations with the people that are right in front of you. I probably would never participate in a media binge/fast ever again, but I have decided that I will attempt to use my phone less on a daily basis.

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