Saturday, April 30, 2016

Binge and Fast Reflection

     When I first found out about this binge/fast assignment, I was a little weary. My initial thought was that this assignment fell right around the end of the semester/dead week/finals week. While people all probably have different opinions about this assignment, I personally found it very beneficial. I often find myself throughout daily activities stepping back and reflecting on how our world has become so technology based. Don't get me wrong, I love technology and all that it has to offer, but I also do feel as though it has taken people away from the "real world" in a sense.
     Starting the beginning of the week with bingeing, wasn't a challenge for me at first until I actually realized what the true definition of "binge" meant. As much as I hate to admit it, I consider myself to be one of those people that has their phone with them/checking it at all times. However, when adding in another type of social media while being on my phone (Netflix, listening to music walking to class, searching the web, etc.), is when I truly started to realize the definition of bingeing. I found it very difficult to be attached to a some source of media at all times. In addition, I'm a very attentive person and like to take in everything (especially when walking to class). Overall, bingeing defiantly drained me. I found myself much more tired after the three days, as well as not wanting to be on any sort of social media because I was tired of it. Can you believe that?
     Due to my extreme bingeing for three days straight, I was more than ready to take on the three day fast. Like I figured I would feel, this fast couldn't have came at a better time in my life. Not only academically because of finals, but socially as well. Some people feel as though being on social media at all times they can "keep up" with the latest details and news, but for me, getting away from my social media accounts and focusing on myself, friends, school, etc. It allowed me to really "live in every moment" and take everything in. Often more times than not, people don't actually take a step back and enjoy the people and moments around them due to having their heads locked in on some type of social media. Of course by the last day of my fast I was curious as to what was happening throughout social media, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed being away from social media.
     This experience allowed me to see both sides of being sucked into to social media life, as well as the complete opposite and being more aware of my surroundings and realizing how much I'm on my phone throughout the day. I want to strive to be better at continuing to better my knowledge on technology, but to not let it take over my life. While our world is constantly evolving, we shouldn't loose touch of what our society used to be like.

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