Saturday, April 30, 2016

Depth Experience

A Depth Experience is defined as an experience that has a life long impact on who you are. For me, the best example I can think of, was picking my minor. Up until recently I could not pick a minor. I was not intrigued nor motivated to pick another area to study. However, that changed when I choose to take a History class with Dr. Gorman. Dr. Gorman specializes in Classics and Pre-Modern history. The class I took with her was Athens on Trial, and as a result, my life changed because of it. I had always loved history and originally wanted to be a History/Classics major, but my parents originally disapproved. Dr. Gorman was able to spark an interest in me that had not happened while I have been in college. 
Athens on Trial was one of the best classes I have taken. I loved the readings and the material for the class. I also loved engaging in the classroom discussions which is a very rare occurrence. I was always excited to go to her class because the class was about an time period I actually loved to learn about. Not only was the class enjoyable but it challenged me to become a better student. Dr. Gorman is by far the best and hardest professor I have taken since I have been at UNL. Dr. Gorman challenges you to become a better writer and will tear you apart if you present "sloppy" or "fluffy" work. Because of her I am now a stronger and a more critical writer. Since Athens on Trial, I have taken two more of her classes. 

The Depth Experience for me was learning to enjoy school. In the past, I was unable to enjoy college because of my lack of interest in my classes. However, that all changed when Dr. Gorman persuaded me to become a History minor last semester. As a result, I am now a History minor and loving the field. Part of my experience was realizing that I was unhappy with my classes. However, this changed when I choose to study history. As a result, I went from preforming at  an average level in my classes to preforming exceptionally well.  

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