Saturday, April 30, 2016

Media Binge and Fast

I am guessing that unlike my classmates the media binge aspect was the hardest part of the exercise. Now I am not saying I don’t have a presence on social media or I don’t know the latest trends, I have basically all the main social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc, but I am not really an active user on those accounts.  For my generation you are the minority when you tell people that you never really go on Instagram or Twitter and I have gotten so many weird looks when I tell people that. I don’t have anything against social media, i just am not an active user like my peers.
Having the media binge during dead week was very hard for me. Being a Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Sciences major I am up to my head in course work load from various science and psychology classes. To do well in my classes you have to learn to put down your phone while studying and it is hard for many people to do, including myself. I did not go on social media or really look at my phone while doing school work but I did listen to music like I usually do and I took various breaks to look at my phone. When i wasn’t doing work I made an effort to look at my phone especially while walking around campus. I was not used to this type of behavior and my only issue was reminding myself that I had to look at my phone. I replied to texts and snapchats quicker but other than that those were really the only changes I made during my day while on the binge.
The fast was actually beneficial to me because of finals the next week. The only thing that I noticed being hard for me while fasting was I noticed that if I was waiting around for class to start or waiting for my friends that’s when I would mostly go on my phone and check updates for various apps. Also while studying I would usually take small phone breaks to reply to others or just to check my feed and while studying it was hard not to want to stop from time to time and take a break. I found myself to having to have to look around or look out the window when I wanted a little break and I felt like it was weird.

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