Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bonus Blog

Going into the lecture and reading the announcement on blackboard that said "Do clouds have meaning" I was absolutely dreading it. It was a Thursday night and I had finally got done with classes for the week, and this was one of the last places that I had desired to be. Dr. Peters surprised me however as I actually found it interesting, even though it is something that I never would have ever thought of in my life. I thought of clouds as just something in the sky that really have no meaning. They deal with the weather and sometimes you can see them as an object but that's about it as far as they go. The thing I remember the most about the lecture is that Dr. Peters said that clouds are so full of meaning and so empty of meaning at the same time. This really made me think about what meaning clouds have. They do have a meaning but nobody ever goes to notice it. I feel that we are all so focused on our everyday routine that we never stop to think about the little things. I am guilty of this as well, until Dr. Peters pointed it out. This has given me a new insight on things, not just clouds. In the past month I have noticed significantly more things since I've been attempting to observe everything around me. I attended a baseball game a few weeks back and just stared up at the clouds for a minute and realized that nobody ever notices it at all. Granted they are such a little factor to many, but they truly do have a large meaning.

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