Friday, April 29, 2016

Media Fast and Binge

The media fast and binge was a strange experience for me. I never thought it would impact my life as much as it did. Both the fast and the binge has their benefits and drawbacks. First the binge, the binge was my favorite of the two, but challenging. I have never considered myself to a heavy user of social media so it was very different for me to be using it nonstop. It was a fun experience to be on my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram more and see other people's posts that I don’t usually have a chance to see. I also had a chance to get far on my Family Guy binge lately, I would watch it more in my free time and every night before bed. The drawback to the binge was that I got headaches in the morning that lasted all day. I also feel that I didn’t get as good of sleep as I usually do. As for feeling more connected with other, I sort of felt left out. I was always on my phone, computer, xbox, or watching television.

The fast was much more challenging than the binge but also had it benefits. After the binge, even though I would get headaches and sort of feel left out, it was hard to just suddenly stop. Even though I am not a huge social media user, I still would check on a regular basis and snapchat my girlfriend every day. She even got kinda mad that I was doing a fast and couldn’t snap chat her because it broke our 114 day snapchat streak. The fast also helped me realize that I have more free time then I realize and if I used that time effectively I could get some serious work done.

Overall, I am glad that I did the media fast and binge, because I feel it helped me put social media into perspective. For me, If I used it too much I get headaches and lose sleep, and if I don’t use it enough I get the same result from my girlfriend being mad at me. Kidding, but I do feel less connected from the people that are not around me in my everyday life, and more to the people that are. I could not tell you if which is better because they both have their benefits, but I am glad I found out what it is like.  

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