Thursday, April 28, 2016

Media Binge and Fast

I started this binge/fast the opposite. In order to have it line up with school and work it could only work out this way. I doomed myself from the beginning!
My media fast started out like a normal sunny day, (at the time) on Sunday April 24. I had many things to do this day to distract me from my phone especially. I had work from 12-6 p.m., and a pagan May-pole dance event to go to right after (not for me, for a reporting story!) I occasionally had to use my phone to contact the videographer that was to be at the event as well, but that was it. I was so proud of myself that day. Though I noticed my boyfriend was a little distraught since I hadn't contacted him since noon that day and at the end of it all, it was already 9 p.m.
The first day of the fast wasn't so bad, I thought. The second day proved to be still a little easier than I imagined. I get up for the day, drive to campus, go to class, and immediately go to work usually. I remember once I got to my car after class I almost innately plugged my phone in to my cassette converter to play music off Spotify. I decided to go all out and not indulge in Spotify that day and instead drive somewhere to get lunch before work. I wanted to try a new place I had never been to, so of course I had to use GPS to find the Greatful Bread, only to find out they're close on Mondays. That stunk. But I moved on and went to work. My job during the week is primarily on the computer. Thankfully it is not media, but it is a lot of Adobe creative suite platforms. I was constantly viewing a screen for the rest of my work day. It didn't seem like much of a fast that day for me...
That's sort of when I "let myself go."
The third day of my media fast, which fell on a Tuesday, I couldn't resist and was on my computer and phone all day. During class I usually use the Pocket Points app, so that wasn't a problem for me. Along with this class, my other class's deadlines were falling on my head, I had some serious emailing and researching to do for papers to write. In my free time between classes, I whipped out my phone and computer guilt free and typed away. I will however admit I am guilty for checking Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter in my spare time within my free time. Ha! I found myself circling among those four apps over and over, waiting for responses to emails and fighting writer's block.
I consider that day a mix between a fast and binge. It was more of an average day for me.
My binge was actually quite needed. Yes I have deadlines and things to accomplish before the end of the week, but I really needed to mindlessly watch The Office and laugh a little. Especially at this week. After work on Wednesday, I ended up watching five episodes of The Office while on my lap top, while on my phone. I probably wasn't really watching The Office at this point, but from time to time I could look up and laugh then continue to type.
Okay, in all honesty a fast would be a better way to approaching deadlines, but it seems to me that lots of college work requires you to be online facing a screen.
Through my quick fast and then binge I found that it is near impossible for me to not be around multiple screens at once because of my week job. It's literally like I can't get away. Have I grown accustomed to having media always there to entertain me and rely on?
My fast days looking back on it, were more about not being able to have media because I was busy interacting with other individuals. The distance that happened wasn't because I chose it, but it was more because I had too. I wish I would have been able to look at my phone in my hand and choose to put it down, away, or turn it off. I think that would have been a good feeling to experience.
After my binge days, my eyes felt exhausted, although screens are apart of my week job.
I feel that in the future, and hopefully this coming summer, I will choose to put my phone away and get that different feeling of distance.

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  1. Richard Conway
    Rhetoric Media and Civil Life

    Media Binge and Fast

    I decided to distance myself from the media April 18th! I made it viral on my Facebook status that I was staying off all social media sites for at least three days so if somebody really needed to contact me, call or text me. I don’t think I could have choose a better time to stay off the media for three days considering dead week for finals was here. I noticed it immediately how affected I was by the media every time I glanced at my iPhone 6 and unlocked it with my right thumb. After checking my email or text messages, I would unconsciously check my Snapchat, Facebook, and/or Instagram. It was extremely challenging to not open any of those social media sites up once my phone was unlocked so I decided to delete all the apps off my phone all together.
    Deleting all the social media apps I consumed on the daily was probably the best decision I made in months pertaining to my academics. I was astounded by how focused I was on my course work and how much I was able to get done efficiently in a short amount of time. Before this fast I would normally put aside a set amount of time to study before I indulged in any pleasurable activities. For example, I would study at the Love Library on campus from five to eight o’clock in the evening, but would attempt a five minute break to check my notifications on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. What was planned to be five minutes turned out to be thirty minutes which was totally taking away from my study time. I normally would take two or three of these breaks during my allotted study time at the library so I technically only used to study for an average time of an hour and half instead of three.
    However, when I started my fast from April 18th to the April 21st I totally witnessed imitatio; I improved my study habits by cutting off all technology when using my allotted study time. I got twice as much work done by distancing myself away from my phone and turning it back off airplane mode when I was finished studying undistractedly. I believe it’s going to help out a lot with my overall final exam scores. I’m going to keep my fingers cross as well and pray I finish out this semester with all B’s, “B” for brilliant!
    After 72 long-lasting hours I felt as though a binge was needed for me to be back on social media. I immediately downloaded all the social media apps again; Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, all of them downloaded less than two minutes, thanks to UNL’s Wi-Fi. I instantly noticed all the memes on Facebook and Instagram that made me cry out of laughter. My favorite one was this image of Michael Jordan crying because of an emotional win from a championship game, but it was remixed with a caption over the picture saying “When you spent are Ur money @ the club an forget rent due on the 1st” hilarious, right? This experience made me realize how much time I waste on social media sites and how useful I can be using my time if I was never using the social media. During my free time wouldn’t hurt to jump on my social media sites and mess around, but not during study hours or anything else that is valuable to my future.