Saturday, April 30, 2016

Clouds: Extra Credit

Honestly, I found this lecture a little confusing. I thought the lecture was incredibly interesting and the photos of clouds were fun to look at, but I don't know if I can get on board with the idea that clouds are media. Judging from all of the graduate students around me, I think they would disagree, but the idea just went a little over my head. Also I thought the lecture would be about THE CLOUD, as in apple and he did finally touch on that towards the end. I thought the idea as the weather reports as the first web was very interesting and something I had never really thought about. I always thought sports or a search engine, but reflecting on it weather makes more sense. Weather channels are something we take advantage of so frequently today so it is very powerful to realize how revolutionary they were back in the day. I also thought that the idea that clouds are not actually safe and fluffy was really interesting and I drew conclusions to "the cloud" from that as well. We look at clouds and they seem so calm and safe, but they can turn on us in an instant and deliver rain, hail, or snow. Whereas "the cloud" is such a great idea and appears so safe, but so many people have ran into troubles in their personal life due to the cloud and technology as a whole. I also thought that his expansion on different types of clouds was interesting. Normally when someone says cloud you just think of the ones in the sky, but the idea that clouds can be created by us was something I had never really put a lot of thought into. I also thought his point that clouds have always been confined to the realm of non science was intriguing, and I agreed with him in that regard. When you think weather, you don't think clouds most often. They are more fun things to draw or make shapes out of. 

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