Wednesday, April 27, 2016


The whole media binge idea that was brought up in class threw me for a loop. I realized almost immediately after it was said, that their is absolutely no way that I could do it. I figure there is absolutely nobody out there that would be able to accomplish this task. Everyday I'm on my phone constantly, I can't think of a span of an hour or more where I'm not fiddling with my phone unless I'm in class or heavily occupied with something else. I feel that my generation is almost addicted to media in general. I wake up in the morning and I automatically go straight to my phone, to begin with its because thats my alarm so I'm already so dependent on technology. Then I go to the useless things, scrolling through my twitter feed, checking Facebook, looking at all the snap stories that everyone has posted, etc. The reason I think people care to see all of these things because you always want to stay in the loop with everything. Major problems occur from this however, checking your phone 100 times a day. It causes distraction easily and miss the things around you. I have been attempting to complete a paper for the past few days and I always get distracted due to media. the media can hinder us in many ways but it can also be extremely beneficial. Having a phone at such a young age definitely changed my experience from my parents youth. Only time will tell if it's a good thing or not.

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