Thursday, April 7, 2016

Professor Peters Extra Credit

Brandon Knoop COMM 250 Dr. Pfister 4/5/16 Clouds Professor Peter came here at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln to talk clouds and understanding what clouds and what they mean. He was trying helping us as audience to understand clouds to media and culture. We try to interrupt clouds using Religion. Professor Peter said “the gods trying to give attention to human being through the sky. Professor Peter used Matthew 10 as a reference for Religion interrupts the sky. I believe its Matthew 10:27, that god is watching us and our moves that we use in life. Representing clouds, in picture or painting there are clouds in the pictures. Why do so many artists draw clouds? Professor Peter brought that up. In Jan Van Goyen (1646) this painting shows destroyed city and the church are smaller than the post. The city is destroyed. Cloud Chambers show some electron and the position of the clouds. It is difficult of history of representing clouds that help electron help the picture in the clouds. But now in 21st century we can interrupt clouds easier because of new electronics that we have at our finger tips. If we want to take picture of clouds, there more clearly than we had when pictured were first created. Even if we have clear pictures or new electronics someone is going to have a different interpretation than someone else. Many things help us interrupt clouds but everyone has their own opinion for what the cloud looks like or how there met be something significant interrupt the clouds in the sky.

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