Saturday, April 30, 2016

media binge

This was absolutely one of my favorite assignments I've gotten to do for a class. I think a bigger importance needs to be stressed on disconnected from technology. This assignment gave me a reason to not have to always be in computer mediated communication with the people around me (love them dearly, but...). The media made me feel exhausted of technology and seeing everyone's lives being posted everywhere. I knew way more than I ever wanted to about the people around thanks to people's obsessions to make their news feed their personal diary. I also found a lot of the stories I was reading about how people did something good and how great people are. The amount of reaffirmation people are looking for is mind boggling when it comes to a "good deed" they did. Don't get me wrong, I would MUCH rather read about something good that happened then how Felecia's boyfriend was caught cheating on her.. I lose my mind reading those posts. I also have found different social media mediums are becoming the agora where democratic rhetoric is commonly exchanged which I think is great in terms of having everyone's (in your algorithms) opinions be voice yet limiting because of the encoding and decoding going on. You also realize how uninformed people are about various topics in the scope of our countries history.
Now! on the flip side. I felt much more calmer during my depletion of technology. I didn't have to worry about who I need to respond to in a text or am not getting a response from and i realized the second I delete my social media aps. i completely forget about them. if they weren't so accessible i don't think i would use them as much as i do and I've done personal adventures of my own where I'll delete snapchat, instagram, and Facebook because i feel like I'm spending too much time on those mediums. It's like i feel a responsibility to keep up to date with my friends with texts and snaps when in reality, they'll still be there the second i call them. I also am an advocate for rich face to face communication which this exercise allowed me to tap into but living in an era where most messaging be done is through some device can be frustrating especially when you like to text like you conversate. I've learned that people do not like getting multiple texts in a row because of the repeated alerts the person gets. I did not run into that when i just didn't use my phone. I would've loved land before phones and accessibility i think it's a much easier way of life.

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