Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Binge and Fast

I started off the binge and fast very apprehensive about how well I was going to be able to handle it.  I am one who you could label as an “addict” to their phone, however I couldn’t imagine before this what being only devoted to digital media or no digital media all day will do to you.  In a normal day I would check my phone a few times an hour for any missed texts, calls, or refreshing my social media to catch up on the latest news.  I am not one for Netflix or much t.v. for that matter so I found it hard to be latched into so many different media outlets. In the paragraphs below I’ll go through the process of the binge and fast and how I found it to be!
The first day of the binge I was overwhelmed with the amount of digital media I was watching and experiencing and found it to be too much for me to handle.  I thought it was going to be easier than it was but being plugged into digital media and multiple sources of it, was far too much for my brain to handle. I couldn't keep a concentration on anything and realized this has a complete effect on me and how well I perform tasks. I didn’t think it was hard to constantly be checking social media but to a point I just wanted to put my phone down and get away from it all.  I was constantly distracted when it came to homework and getting tasks I needed to get done.  However, for once in my life I didn’t feel completely guilty for being on my phone a lot.  I also was super efficient to replying back to text messages or answering calls.  I found difficulty in the first two nights with sleeping because I had been on my phone for hours prior to going to bed.  It’s been proven just how the effects of using your phone before sleeping actually does make a difference in how well you sleep.  I was definitely discouraged by the amount of things I was not able to accomplish the first two days of the binge because I was wired into so many sources of media.  By the last day of the binge I was completely over it.  I wanted nothing more than to put my phone down for a while or shut off the television.  The distractions and constantly looking at a screen wore me down and I felt less motivated and less able to accomplish the tasks for the day.  I was also more irritable and less wanting to socialize with people outside of my phone. I was very happy when the last day of the binge was complete.
The fast I thought was going to be harder than it was.  I would often reach for my phone but have to remind myself to not look at it.  After the three days of the binge it was a fresh break from media and helped me get my life going again.  I found that I have so much more time in my day to do things when I added the lost time, when I am hooked to my social media.  I was far more refreshed and motivated during my day than I was in the previous three days of the binge.  I also seemed to be in a better mood.  I dug into some research on just how much of an impact constantly being connected can have on your mood, which is included below.  The only thing I was uneasy about with not checking my phone was what I was missing out on.  I didn’t check text messages but more than once a day and didn’t answer any calls.  I often also wondered what was going on in the social realm of things.  I had a much more difficult time communicating with friends about plans when I could not talk to them through my phone.  However, there was a sense of peace in that and knowing that I was unplugged for a while was refreshing and was almost a stress reliever in itself.
After doing the binge and fast I learned a lot about just how the effects of being on social media or lack of being on truly do have on your health and everyday life.  I have a different view as to what I want to look like to the outside world and how I really want to spend my time.  I can easily say I enjoyed the fast more but both were truly a moving experience.

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