Saturday, April 30, 2016

Binging on Media

To be completely honest with you I didn't think I could make it through three hellacious days without Twitter and texting. It was rough, I missed being able to check my phone for snap chats from my girlfriend and liking NBA Instagram videos during my lecture halls. Not being allowed to fall asleep to the sound of Drake radio on Spotify is something that I never want to have to experience again. Well, I guess this binge isn't as bad as I like to think it was. I did get to talk with more of the guys from my floor, which was great since I won't get to see all of my buddies over break. Got an opportunity to just sit down and write more. I love writing, so not having media as a distraction was helpful in my time to myself. Not gonna lie, I also got more homework done and didn't feel like crap cause I was in bed by midnight every night. The time spent with my phone, laptop and TV on at the same time wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. While it was nice to be connected, I didn't always appreciate having to type and have my eyes glued to a 4 inch screen. Twitter wasn't as lit as it usually was and my Facebook feed bored me even more than it usually does. Overall the media binge and fast was good for me. It helped me prioritize better and I now I'm aware that I don't need to constantly check social media to know what my friends are up to. I just have to go talk to them.

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