Saturday, April 30, 2016

Media Binge/Fast

The media binge and fast were both very disappointing for me, in the sense that I realized how dependent I actually am to technology and media in my every day life. I like to pride myself as an individual that can lead a healthy organic/technology free life and be able to survive without media and technology. That was until I did the binge and the fast.

During the three days of binge i realized that I binge on media all the time. I was literally constantly checking my Instagram and scrolling though meme pages, and I was doing the same with Facebook. I used snapchat a lot as well, but these were all the same ways I use media and technology anyways, but never really thought about it. I also realized that I was underestimating the internet and in a way misusing it. I say that because I have spend countless hours reading Facebook posts that have absolutely not contributed to my growth in any positive way. I could have used that time wiser and use the internet to better myself rather then just as entertainment.

During the three days of fasting I found out that my whole life is in my cellular device. The very first day I removed my social media apps from my phone and I did not use them (for two days).  However, I had to use my cellphone to call and text from the very first day, so I never actually did the fast. We ran into some difficulties as a group with out project so  had to use my phone to communicate with my group. Also, I had to use technology for school work. I did find out that I can't go one full day without listening to music, that did not really shock me. I have already accepted the fact that I can't live without music.

This experiment was truly helpful, and I do not say that just to make it sound good in this blog, I say it because I truly mean it. It is not just the experiment, but this class as whole has dramatically contributed in  opening my mind to all of the things that happen around me and that I have just never noticed. The one topic that we covered in class that is most appropriate to associate with this experiment is distance. Distance from all of the little things that happen online, the things that seem so harmless, but in reality end up taking hours and hours of our lives without giving anything meaningful and valuable in return. I think distance is a great thing, and should be used consistently in order to reflect on our growth overall.

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