Friday, April 1, 2016

Filter Bubble

The Filter Bubble
As a young adult I am constantly on social media sites. Scrolling through my newsfeed on twitter and Facebook really shows the differing opinions of my friends and family. I noticed that a lot of my Facebook feed has recently been about the upcoming presidential election. While scrolling through my newsfeed I felt like I was unable to make my own opinion about the candidates because everyone on Facebook and twitter already had. The majority of my friends are very opinionated when it comes to politics and don't mind giving their two cents in a comment or status. I have realized that I do in fact un follow people based upon their ideology.  I don't un follow people because they  have a different Ideology than me but rather when they voice their opinion and think that it's the only valid opinion. I believe its important for people to have differing opinions but I also think you need to be open to others opinions and concerns.

I do believe that the decline of dissoi logoi is associated an increase in polarization.  Polarization in media I believe is a problem. In recent years people are able to get all of their information mostly by the Internet. Not many people read newspapers anymore. In recent years big companies such as Google and Yahoo “help” improve their consumer’s experience by using computational algorithms. These algorithms are used to filter out what that person does pay much attention too or isn’t really interested in. These algorithms are negatively impacting users because it isn’t allowing them to see differing opinions or views.  I think the only advantage to polarization would be that people who are easily offended wouldn't be at a high risk of being offended.

An action you could take to become more engaged in dissoi logoi would be to become friends and stay friends with people on social media that have differing views than you. By doing this you’re allowing you to be open to other people’s ideologies and concerns. Dissoi logoi isn’t for the weak hearted. In order to be able to engage in dissoi logoi you need to be able set your beliefs aside, listen, and respond respectfully to other opinions and beliefs.

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