Friday, April 1, 2016

Ugly Rhino with little cute Kittens? Come read BECAUSE this blog will be gone soon!

If you came in and are reading this, I'm going to tell you a little secret about rhetoric, how to make almost anyone say yes to you. First, rhetoric is to convince someone. So basically to make someone say yes to you, am I correct? Well, I convinced you to come in and read my blog... I guess that is a success! 

Well, congratulations, because you are going to learn some principles to get the ability to make almost 80% of people say yes to you..!!!!!

How did I lure you in to reading my blog with my article?
1. Stereotype
Put aside curiosity since it's common sense.. I used a stereotype, the stereotype that people like to watch kittens because they are just....  so cute! What other stereotypes are out there? For example, people thinks "expensive is good", "the less we have, the most it is worth", etc. By using a stereotype in the right situation, you increased your chance of convincing someone by a 70% according to Doctor of Philosophy Robert B. Claldini.  Wow, Doctor Of Philosophy? Then he must be right...

2. Authority
This is also a way to convince someone to make them say yes to you. To show them you are an authority figure. It generally increases also 80% chance for getting a yes. So how do you be authoritative? 

  • Titles (Dr, Professor, etc..)
  • Clothing (Business suit, Popo uniform, etc..)
  • Trappings (Cars, jewelries)
  • “They were seeming to argue against their own interests so i’d see them as trustworthy authorities”
3. Because
Do you see it in my title? I capped BECAUSE. Wanna know why? Well, if you ever ask someone for a favor, if you give them a reason followed by BECAUSE there is a 60% increasing in chance they'll say yes. It doesn't even matter what the reason is, the word "because" is what added the 60% chance.

4. Lose of freedom + Fear of loss
Guess how I made you feel the lose of freedom + give you the fear of loss? I bet you already knew!
And you are absolutely correct. "Because this blog will be gone soon!" in my title. No one want to lose something they had the chance of having. Therefore, that's why so many retailers put up signs like "last day clearance", they used the psychological response of people that people don't want to lose the chance of buying something cheaper than it was on a given time limit. By adding a time limit, the retailer made people feel an urge to purchase by making them feel a fear of loss (if don't buy any today, there will never be another day this cheap). They also pushed a sense of lose of freedom onto customer. By saying this is the last day, they took away people's freedom of buying this cheap everyday. Therefore, with the fear of loss and lose of freedom. It increases the possibility of convincing someone greatly!

5. Contrast Principle
By putting your hands into ice water for 10 minutes and then immediately put your hands into a warm water. You feel 10 times as hotter as putting your hands into the warm water without putting into ice water before hand.
So you feel somewhat if kittens are cuter than usually, when you first imagined an ugly rhino in your head. Right?

p.s. I might have made some percentage up, but they might not be so close to the real percentage, but they are not far from the real percentage.

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