Friday, April 1, 2016

The Bubbly Filter

I often find myself in various encounters of seeing opinions other than my own, especially this year in particular. As elections are coming up, it gives a lot of people an excuse to actually use social media. Social media is a huge aspect when it comes to any election, let alone an election involving new prospects for president. I worked on the O'Malley for president campaign in Cedar Rapids, IA, and that was a whole new experience. I was a volunteer, so, I made calls, knocked, caucused and so forth. That truly gave me an opportunity to see what it was like in the real political world. We would call people who did not want to be called, (especially after being called so much already months before that), we would knock on doors that weren't particularly happy about the hours they were being disturbed, and we encountered plenty of supporters/non-supporters throughout the process. What is important about this process is the way one communicates. I found myself sometimes furious if I heard something I did not like, so keeping my cool was vital. As for unfollowing, I am guilty of doing so. Sometimes, you just get sick of seeing things you don't want to see--especially during such a crazy year like this one. It isn't wrong to want to "mute" or "block" them from your feed, let alone unfollow.
As for the increase in polarization due to dissoi logoi, that is something that I completely disagree on. They are both similar in the sense of analyzing two arguments, but when one fails, another tends to follow those footsteps as well. Dissoi logoi plays an immense role in the media, as well as polarization. When that does not work out, or there are no "two sides" to a particular argument, it simply becomes polarized and drives the argument apart. There is no longer any validity.
To engage in dissoi logoi more, we can be more open minded. The atmosphere when disagreeing with an argument is one of the most important tribulations. If one is closed minded or simply not listening, the individuals cannot come to a consensus and things fall apart. It is vital that we take in information from other sides, especially in politics. It makes it hard to participate in dissoi logoi when there is only one side that is being considered. Plus, when looking at two sides of an argument to form a deeper truth as opposed to one, you could just get the answer you wanted in the first place!
This is why communication is something everyone should work on, not only in person, but over social media as well. Beliefs tend to get out of hand when discussed in person and online, so participating in the positive idea of dissoi logoi, it could create a more influential and interactive filter bubble for everyone.

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