Friday, April 1, 2016

Pop The Bubble!

“Pop the bubble! Pop the bubble! Pop the bubble!” If you’re a Spongebob fan, you should know that is from the ‘Bubble Buddy’’ episode which was first aired in November 2000. It really has nothing to do with a filter bubble, but it can be our basis of what to do with our filter bubble; and that is to pop it.

My filter bubble has been built and sculpted for my entire life. From diesel trucks to weather, my filter bubble is fairly vast. It even includes photography, video games, and military news. My filter bubble usually has a conservative viewpoint. Facebook always has the information that appeals to me most at the top of my newsfeed. It even sends me notifications if someone posts something in the diesel truck group that I am a part of or if some person posted in the photography group that I am in. Facebook locks me in this filter bubble, and really doesn’t help with diversifying the information that I should take a gander at. Luckily, I have found a way to diversify my own life outside of the social media world.

Outside of the media world, I have a decent amount of people that I actually associate with. Out of those people, half have a different viewpoint than me on many things in the world. In fact, most of my good friends are liberal in a sense and don’t agree with me on a lot of my conservative viewpoints. The thing is, though, I really like it that way. I love to see the different opinions that my friends have, and I value them immensely. My friends allow me to see differently and gain a new perspective on a lot of the ideological things in this world. Without those friends, I am stuck in my own filter bubble and don’t learn more about the world. If we as humans only look with one eye, we may miss half of the world around us.

Media needs to take note of the knowledge that one can gain when shown a different viewpoint. Of course the decline of dissoi logoi has led to an increase in polarization. People cannot see the other side, and they are stuck with what they are given. More importantly than the media taking note of the decrease of dissoi logoi, is the people taking note of it. We as humans must recognize it and start to see the other side of things. Seek different opinions out, and when you do, don’t just criticize them. Actually discover why those different opinions are there, and what they actually mean. The polarization is a problem. We can’t be truly the most intelligent beings if we only focus on one point of every issue. Learn as much as you can from everyone, including people who you don’t agree with.

To engage in dissoi logoi more, we must recognize that there is a decrease of it. Once that is recognized we can then move on and find ways to engage in more of it. If you’re a conservative, maybe follow the campaigns from the liberal side, and vice versa. See what the different side believes in and understand it. Another way is to talk to people who have a different perspective than you. That doesn’t mean get into a huge argument with them, but rather have a discussion on why they feel a certain way. To engage in dissoi logoi more often we have to venture out of our comfort zone, and challenge our own ideas with others.

Polarization can turn into a big problem for the world. We, as intelligent human beings, must recognize our own filter bubble and fight to pop it. Allow for other opinions in your life, and understand them. Don’t ignore counter viewpoints from yours, but rather learn from them. Increase your knowledge in this world and don’t get trapped. Engage in dissoi logoi, and stop looking at the world with one eye open. Pop the bubble.

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