Friday, April 1, 2016

Filtered or Unfiltered?

I’d say the overwhelming majority of college students use forms of social media such as, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. With that being said none of our timelines look anything alike and that concerns me. Before class today, I wasn’t really aware of the “filter bubble” that surrounds our personal media. I always knew the advertisements that appeared on my timeline were there because of what I liked and followed. However, I didn’t know that my timelines are filtered due to my friends and followers preferences and to what I search most on Google. I don’t think we should be unexposed to other beliefs and political views unless we choose to be. Personally, I choose to not revoke the friendship of those who oppose my views or vice versa. Although I am a Republican I consider myself to be very open minded toward other perspectives about politics. I feel it’s a good habit to educate yourself over topics and opinions that you may not like or agree with. When you practice Dissoi Logoi, you allow yourself to open up your mind unbiasedly and walk a mile in their shoes. Usually your opinion won’t waver, but you can occasionally learn something or see things in a different light and that makes you easier to get along with.
The decrease of dissoi logoi is definitely to blame for us being disconnected and close minded. We are too enclosed in our own bubble that we neglect other opinions. If someone is very rude, extreme or too forceful on their opinion over a social media site, I may delete or block them. However, the majority of people I tend to still follow because I like diversity on my page. Sure I prefer to see those who agree with me, but I’m a fan of thinking outside your zone and allowing there to be room for friendly debates and discussions. While this is perfect for some people others don’t like to step outside their comfort zone. So really it’s not a matter of what’s right and what’s wrong, instead it’s about your own personal preferences.
If I see a person that disagrees with my beliefs I won’t personally call them out over a subtweet or post. I like to send them a private message and personally discuss why they think with that school of thought. The filter bubble is good for some people and hinders progression for others. It’s simply a matter of what you think and how you feel.

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