Friday, April 1, 2016

Filter Bubble

During the Ted talk it really opened my eyes that, that is how social media and news choose to involve people and keep people involved by altering the current new to the only new that you personally like. Sometimes this is a good and other times I feel as if it doesn’t give you’re the actual news of what is happening in the world other than just the stuff that you like. For me personally I don’t use Facebook, I know that sounds extremely weird but I had one for a few years and it just wasn’t my thing. I choose not to listen to been talk about nothing and it kind of wastes my time in away. Also it’s just another distraction that I don’t need. One thing I use heavily is Instagram. I have three total Instagram accounts, one for my personal Instagram, one for my company and I run one for my Mom and her real estate business. I think Instagram is very beneficial for me because there is no B.S all there really is is pictures and mainly happiness. Its more of a drama free environment. In addition, my other news sources consist of google news and sport center. One thing I guess I’m lucky with are my roommates are crazy about the news. All three of them a huge into sports, all sports and husker football which keeps me up to date on a daily basis. On google, I tend to alter my settings sometimes on the left hand side it says things you are interested in and it basis this off what you have previously clicked on but that does not mean I have to do use that source all the time. Only sometimes will I click on that. I think today the news is very very important. For some reason why I look at people that don’t watch the news I feel as if they are uneducated in a way even though education doesn’t play a huge role in this aspect. I feel that if you keep up with what’s going on around the world it will help shape your mold as a person and its just good to know for you own satisfaction. Dissoi Logoi is something that is true and does happen all the time. People never want to hear something that they feel will harm them or put them down. So many today can’t handle the truth and can’t take the honest truth. So many like to use social media as a shield to stand behind instead of say something to someone in person and that’s the part which makes society so weak. In addition, holding a conversation face to face with someone is so much more difficult in our day in age due to the fact most people are locked into social media of their computer all day or even using it as a shield to back them when they are saying/doing something that is harmful to others. In conclusion more people need to step out of their shell in a way in use dissoi logoi to find different outlets to communicate and look at news and broaden their perspective on what they believe in what they want to look at and how things are viewed through the news.

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