Monday, April 3, 2017

My Filter Bubble

     I think that the increases of polarization that we see in American society today are due mostly to the media that we see online, on tv, in our newspapers, etc. If you pay attention close enough to Facebook, news channels, Twitter or other various information posting places, regardless of the topic, there will always be at least two different view points on any subject presented. People who blog or report the news have a way of instigating and antagonizing both sides for their own benefit. Don't get me wrong, a little competition ain't never hurt nobody and it allows people to see why the other side feels or thinks the way that they do but nowadays we  often turn argument into war. What could have been simple, easy going, stress free, and enjoyable arguments get turned into war zones where no one trys to consider a medium. Now thanks to things like phones with snapchat, Instagram, and other quick pic or recording sites, people everywhere are able to document momemts in time amd share it for others to misinterpret. The advancement of technology has its perks but it also has contributed vastly to our division. And thats not all! Now website algorithms take it a step further and purposefully only allow us to see information that favors our wants and slowly completely blocks out any way for the other sides story to be seen and heard. This couldn't be a more obvious attempt at dissoi logoi genocide!!! However, obvious stunts like this pass right over our heads because most people are to busy lolligagging and smelling the roses instead of lookong up long enough to pay attention to the wolves that have entered the garden.😡

     Now I know my rant was a rather long one but don't misunderstand. Not all division is bad. Sometimes there is a dire need for it. For withought any of us having a difference in thought people would cease to be unique or the dominant thinking species on our planet (that we know of). We would be no better than machines. I mean, even some animals have a difference in opinion even if it is so small or weird its almost unnoticeable to people. Having a choice to make decisions, think about them, and debate them with colleagues, acquaintances, friends, and family is what had built our societies and is what has developed our morals that of which we are governed by. If you think about it, polarization in small amounts has brought about healthy competition that has and will continue to further human understanding about our surroundings and overal quench or thirat for knowledge.

     To sum up what it is I am trying to say I'll explain it like this: polarization is equivalent to fire. If you start a fire and set it loose amongst a forest without checking on it, the fire will become wild, destructive, ans harm lots of others in the process. Butin small amounts, a fire can create warmth that is beneficial to all when it is tended to regularly.😊

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