Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Danny Gamboa

These last two years I have noticed myself becoming more and more intrigued with politics, policies, and overall world issues. The presidential election played a big role in this, however, it was not the only factor that led me to become more informed about current events. Climate change, immigration, and several other issues are also factors. But it was not until I craved more information that I noticed the affect of my filter bubble. The more I read about these issues, the more they seemed to appear on my news feed. A lot of the articles I read are all articles that I can get behind and agree with. Now that I am aware of my filter bubble, it makes me question if it is making more intolerant of others views. The only other time that I come across an article that does not share my views, is when it is shared by a friend of mine who is on the right side of the aisle and my first emotion is frustration. Therefore, I can't say I like my filter bubble because I feel it keeps me from seeking to understand and respecting other people's opinions and beliefs. Instead of a filter bubble, I would prefer to have a variety of articles in my news feed that challenge my way of thinking and keep me from having tunnel vision. Although this might be difficult or frustrating at first, I feel it is important to understand all perspectives. For these same reasons, I do not believe in following or unfollowing people just because of the personal views or beliefs.

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